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Hi, I’m Hugh, a freelance music producer, mixer and engineer based in London. I started life as the in-house engineer at The Dairy Studios in Brixton, following my degree in Music Production in 2012. I then transitioned to freelance work moving into my own studio in 2014 and has since developed my expertise and style working in studios across the UK & Europe with a wealth of artists, producers and writers.

As a record producer my approach always centres around the artist, working closely with them to find their own unique sound. I regularly work across genres, collaborating with new as well as established artists.

As well as working with other artists, I also write, produce and perform with my band Volleyball. For any enquiries please feel free to get in contact via the email below.

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A selection of artists & projects that I have worked on. For an extended list of credits & details click here.


I’ve also put together a playlist of my productions/writing so its all in one place
production playlist

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