Summer Sounds & Sessions

Evening all,

So what has been going on since the last post!? I've been busy doing a lot of writing & production work with some exciting new artists as well as getting releases ready for the likes of J.Appiah, Caswell, KYLYPSO & Sample Answer (yes he is coming back!!!). I have also been playing more live shows with the band and MD'ing Sample Answer's new live show.

Tim & I have settled into our new studio up at Assault & Battery (pics below), its great having a dedicated space again, as any freelancer knows its so important to separate work and home!

KYLYPSO's last single 'Honestly' made its premier on Radio 1, massive love to Huw Stephens for giving it a spin! Our next track is due out on 22nd August, not long now! We are playing on 26th August at Mother Cafe to coincide with the single release; its a bank holiday so I expect to see everyone there!

KYLYPSO's first video was released last month for 'Deep Blue' directed by the brilliant Thomas Ayre, you can watch it here. We collaborated with various skaters, surfers & long boarders from around the globe via Instagram. As a result we are currently in the process of scoring & curating the soundtrack to a surf film, there will be more on that towards the end of the year.

J.Appiah released his new single 'Calling', produced & mixed by yours truly. We've been working on this project for a while and there are some very exciting things to come so stay alert!

There have been a few releases from the brilliant Caswell, I produced and mixed her single 'Everyone Knows' & co-produced and mixed her latest track 'Lie To Me'. We are current short listing songs for her next EP which we will start in the coming month.

In amongst all the writing & production I haven't neglected my mixing work, firstly with Outer Stellar Overdrive's debut release & secondly with another project which I can't disclose as of yet, but I promise it sounds insane! 

In an attempt at being more organised with my work I have created a Spotify playlist of all my recent productions (that appear on Spotify), aptly titled 'Hugh Fothergill Production Showreel'. I'm currently in the process of collating another playlist for my mix work, again with the creative title 'Hugh Fothergill Mix Showreel'. I will of course be adding to them as and when work is released.

In between the hectic studio hours I managed to take some time off to cycle the Lôn Las Cymru cycle route [North to South Wales] 250 miles in 4 days. So much fun even if it was the hardest physical thing I've ever done. We are currently planning our next cycle trip, this time to the Alps, because apparently we didn't climb enough hills in Wales!

I will actively try and update this blog in the next month or so but can't promise anything...

Thanks for reading!


New year, New studio

Happy 2018 everyone (albeit 3 months late!)

I knew this one blog post a month thing wasn't going to last! Although in my defence, I have been busy and I was also waiting for some NDA's to lift before writing this. 

Firstly, great news from the KYLYPSO camp, we had our first BBC Radio 1 airplay this month! Huw Stephens played our new single 'Deep Blue' [Listen here]. We also got airplay over in the states on KCRW! We have been playing with our new live setup including a great new drummer, which has made a huge difference. We will be playing plenty of shows in the upcoming months so there is no excuse not to come down!

I have also been back in working on new tracks with Tokio Myers. We recorded a new version of 'Jerusalem' for the Commonwealth Games, which ended up with an amazing live recording at Abbey Road studios [Watch here].

I took a trip out to Woodbridge with Caswell to record a live version of her forthcoming single at the wonderful Decoy Studios. I can't recommend this studio highly enough, such a great vibe down there with a great sounding live room and all the gear you need! 

Deanna Devore's first single was released last week; I had the pleasure to co-produce and mix this record. Go and listen to 'A Cause' and keep an eye out for the rest of the record too!

Alex Hepburn's new single 'I Believe' was also released the beginning of the year. It was great fun to work on this record alongside Craigie Dodds & Pete Boxsta. 

In other news, Tim Morris and I have taken on a new studio!! It's been 10 months since we moved out of Parsons Green and we have finally found the right space. Come April we will be based up at the famous Battery Complex in Willesden Green.

Thats about it for now, I will do my best not to wait 3 months until the next update!


End of an album & the start of another!

Hello everyone,

Right, I admit I've been a bit lax on the old blog front recently but in my defence I've been hectically busy! The Tokio Myers record is finished & due for release on the 17th Nov, put it in your calendar! Until then you can listen to the first 2 tracks off the record Baltimore & Bloodstream. As an added bonus I have 3 mixes on the album! Polaroid, Limitless & Children Interlude. The other mixers being Pete Boxsta, Craigie Dodds & Andy Dudman with Randy Merrill from Sterling Sound doing an incredible job on the mastering!

There ain't no rest for the wicked for no sooner had we finished off Tokio we were onto the Alex Hepburn record. It is taking shape beautifully!

In between these projects I managed to find time to finish off KYLYPSO's next EP, which is available at the end of the month. In the mean time check out our new single Cosmic Dolphins which is OUT TODAY! [listen here] Our next show is the 8th December at Carmelite Cafe in Bow, its wicked venue with a great vibe & well priced beer so you have no excuse!

Caswell's debut EP 'The Shadow Aspect' has been released [listen here]. Really proud to be a part of this, I produced 4 tracks on the record and mixed all of it. We are already back working on on new material.

I think thats everything, thanks for reading!


Autumn Update

Hello all, 

There is less then a month left on the Tokio Myers record and it's all coming together beautifully! We have been recording at Post Electric Studios in Edinburgh & Angel Studios in London as well as our usual base in Battersea/Fulham. I've got to say get yourself to the Edinburgh Fringe, it was such a great vibe!

In conjunction with the Tokio record I've been working on new Alex Hepburn tracks with production duo Craigie Dodds & Pete Boxsta.

In other news the debut EP from Caswell is mixed & mastered ready for it's release in Autumn! 

It would't be a blog post without mentioning KYLYPSO...our new single 'Skies Are' is out, you can listen here. Our Sofar Sounds performance was also released last week, you can check it out here. You can expect the EP in the next few months. We are playing a show on the 13th October at Carmelite Cafe in Bow, get yourself down!

Thats all for now.


Sessions & Citadel

Hello everyone!

Just a quick update this month as I am currently head down in the Tokio Myer's record; which is sounding incredible by the way! Next week we are heading to Edinbrugh for the festival & will continue to work on the record up there.

KYLYPSO played their second Sofar Sounds gig, this one was filmed so watch out for the footage in the coming weeks.


In other (but equally important) news the finishing touches have been made to Caswell's debut EP, after a few mix tweaks it will be ready to go out into the world. I can't wait for you all to hear it!

Even though its been crazy busy this month I managed to take the weekend off and go to Citadel Festival. If you haven't been before I highly recommend it, its such a good vibe! This years highlights were definitely Sylvan Esso, Bonobo, Vessels & Foals, all ridiculously good! 

That's it for now, check back soon for more updates.


All Change

Afternoon everyone, 

It's been a month of change! After 2 years I have moved out of my studio in Parson's Green & currently on the hunt for a new space, so if anybody knows of anything let me know!

We, KYLYPSO, played our first Sofar Sounds show & have another very soon, it was such good fun, albeit a bit nerve-racking! Staying with KYLYPSO, our new single is almost done & is heading off to mastering as I speak, so keep your eyes & ears peeled! On a side note, if you are looking for some new music check out KYLYPSO's Spotify playlist for July, so many great songs on there!

J.Appiah latest single 'Come Around' featuring Kojey Radical has been released, you can listen here. It was an absolute pleasure producing & mixing this one, they are both such talented artists.

Est-Her's debut single 'Sympathy' premiered on Annie Mac's Radio 1 show, it was great fun engineering this project, listen here.

I have started working on Tokio Myers' new record alongside producers Craigie Dodds & Guy Farley. We are a couple of weeks in and it is sounding incredible! 

On a non music related subject, a couple of weeks ago myself and a few friends cycled across the country following Hadrian's Wall, all 177miles of it. I've just about recovered and we have already started planning the next one.

Thats all for now, for regular updates head to the usual places!

The Edinburgh International Film Festival

Evening everyone, time for another update!

I had some very exciting news this morning...3 tracks that I co-wrote & produced with Jessica Leanne are being used in the new feature film 'We Can Be Heroes'. It is premiering at the Edinburgh International Film Festival at the end of the month!! The film is directed by Claire Downes and stars Alison Steadman & Phil Davis amongst others. 

My band's [KYLYPSO] new single 'Blame Love' has been released [listen here]. Come down & see us live at The Finsbury in Manor House tomorrow night, you can buy tickets here for the low, low price of £5 (£6/7 OTD). We are currently in the studio working on our next couple of releases as well as remix's for various other artists.

In other news I've been back in the studio with Tokio Myers. He is currently in the semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent, tune in tonight and vote for him! 

Alongside all of the above I've also been working on new tracks with Caswell, Sample Answer, KYLYPSO, Est-Her, J.Appiah & YILA. 

See you all soon!

Back in the Country

Hey guys,

After a well needed holiday in Northern Italy I am back in the studio, feeling refreshed and ready to go! 

Whilst I was away Caswell's new single 'Brother' was released. Thank you to for the premier! It had great reception and is currently number 6 on Indieshuffle's most popular chart, lets get it up the charts!

The new Colaar's record has returned from mastering and also been released, check it out here!

I received a new Maschine Studio from Pete Boxsta & David Eserin. Thanks so much guys this thing is insane, just starting to get my head around it but I feel its a game changer!

The last thing I have to say is tune in on Wednesday for a very exciting new release, thats all I can say now but you wont regret it!

Until next time! 




Releases & Rehearsals

Hello everyone!

Its been a hectic start to spring! First off Caswell's latest single 'Animal' has had a great reception on the blogosphere, whilst that has been ticking over I have been putting the finishing touches to her next single. We are both extremely excited about this one as it was the first track we worked on together.

The new Colaars record that I have been mixing has been finished and sent off to mastering, keep your eyes & ears open for that one!

The push has begun on the new KYLYPSO material! We are working closely with a great PR team so this summer will see new tracks/videos and plenty of live shows! We recently spent a couple of days out of London rehearsing (pictures below) for our upcoming show on the 6th April at Sebright Arms (tickets available here).

I also spent a few days this month working at Toynbee Studios on an exciting project involving Sadler's Wells & Nitin Sawhney. 

Stayed tuned for more updated and music!


Back Online!


After a couple of months of being down my website is back online with a new redesign. I'd like to thanks fellow producer & photographer Dan Ewins for taking the photos, check out his website for more:

The start of 2017 has been a busy one, working with new artist Rosie Hopkins on her debut EP as well as new tracks from Sample Answer & J.Appiah. I am currently putting the finish mix touches to the new Colaars record, its going to be a big one!

2017 has seen new releases from David Gray, J.Appiah & Caswell which I have been involved in: have a listen to them in the links below.

David Gray:



Stay tuned for more updates!