End of an album & the start of another!

Hello everyone,

Right, I admit I've been a bit lax on the old blog front recently but in my defence I've been hectically busy! The Tokio Myers record is finished & due for release on the 17th Nov, put it in your calendar! Until then you can listen to the first 2 tracks off the record Baltimore & Bloodstream. As an added bonus I have 3 mixes on the album! Polaroid, Limitless & Children Interlude. The other mixers being Pete Boxsta, Craigie Dodds & Andy Dudman with Randy Merrill from Sterling Sound doing an incredible job on the mastering!

There ain't no rest for the wicked for no sooner had we finished off Tokio we were onto the Alex Hepburn record. It is taking shape beautifully!

In between these projects I managed to find time to finish off KYLYPSO's next EP, which is available at the end of the month. In the mean time check out our new single Cosmic Dolphins which is OUT TODAY! [listen here] Our next show is the 8th December at Carmelite Cafe in Bow, its wicked venue with a great vibe & well priced beer so you have no excuse!

Caswell's debut EP 'The Shadow Aspect' has been released [listen here]. Really proud to be a part of this, I produced 4 tracks on the record and mixed all of it. We are already back working on on new material.

I think thats everything, thanks for reading!