Summer Sounds & Sessions

Evening all,

So what has been going on since the last post!? I've been busy doing a lot of writing & production work with some exciting new artists as well as getting releases ready for the likes of J.Appiah, Caswell, KYLYPSO & Sample Answer (yes he is coming back!!!). I have also been playing more live shows with the band and MD'ing Sample Answer's new live show.

Tim & I have settled into our new studio up at Assault & Battery (pics below), its great having a dedicated space again, as any freelancer knows its so important to separate work and home!

KYLYPSO's last single 'Honestly' made its premier on Radio 1, massive love to Huw Stephens for giving it a spin! Our next track is due out on 22nd August, not long now! We are playing on 26th August at Mother Cafe to coincide with the single release; its a bank holiday so I expect to see everyone there!

KYLYPSO's first video was released last month for 'Deep Blue' directed by the brilliant Thomas Ayre, you can watch it here. We collaborated with various skaters, surfers & long boarders from around the globe via Instagram. As a result we are currently in the process of scoring & curating the soundtrack to a surf film, there will be more on that towards the end of the year.

J.Appiah released his new single 'Calling', produced & mixed by yours truly. We've been working on this project for a while and there are some very exciting things to come so stay alert!

There have been a few releases from the brilliant Caswell, I produced and mixed her single 'Everyone Knows' & co-produced and mixed her latest track 'Lie To Me'. We are current short listing songs for her next EP which we will start in the coming month.

In amongst all the writing & production I haven't neglected my mixing work, firstly with Outer Stellar Overdrive's debut release & secondly with another project which I can't disclose as of yet, but I promise it sounds insane! 

In an attempt at being more organised with my work I have created a Spotify playlist of all my recent productions (that appear on Spotify), aptly titled 'Hugh Fothergill Production Showreel'. I'm currently in the process of collating another playlist for my mix work, again with the creative title 'Hugh Fothergill Mix Showreel'. I will of course be adding to them as and when work is released.

In between the hectic studio hours I managed to take some time off to cycle the Lôn Las Cymru cycle route [North to South Wales] 250 miles in 4 days. So much fun even if it was the hardest physical thing I've ever done. We are currently planning our next cycle trip, this time to the Alps, because apparently we didn't climb enough hills in Wales!

I will actively try and update this blog in the next month or so but can't promise anything...

Thanks for reading!